I img_0956-jpghave been working on a pilot scheme with the DMLL (Disruptive Media Learning Lab) at Coventry University for the past 4 weeks. The project is named Domains of One’s Own, also known as Coventry.Domains. This provides a platform to students and academics their own online presence through a subdomain for
example mine is: http://armstr38.coventry.domains. The project was set up by Jim Groom, who is one of the co-founders of Reclaim Hosting alongside Tim Owens.

I was firstly asked to create the branding for the project to give it that visual identity as this is what the project is all about digital and personal identity. This project is the first of its kind in the EU with many other partners being in the United States.

Mainly within the university faculties like to use Mahara which is another application to build a e-portfolio that students use to show development to academics and to themselves. But the downfall is that when they have finished at the institution it then gives you only a limited amount of time to export the data they’ve have created before the account expires.

Within the project I have been developing WordPress workshops to enable people to learn, explore and share their ideas, works and research amongst others in a wider community. I have so far delivered 5 workshops from a group size of roughly 40 to just 4 with both students and academics and there were some teething issues but I’m getting my head around it (slowly). During this time, I have also earned an Open Badge in Present and Share which is recognised by employers.

cov-domains-bannerI am now currently working on re-branding the website and have developed a core brand for this project. I am also still working alongside Daniel to deliver workshops to more staff and students. We are also looking at doing web casts to help develop people’s knowledge and understanding on how to use WordPress and the project of Domains of One’s Own.